Water Bill Increases – Coming Soon

In a standard process that occurs every three years, Golden State Water Company has proposed rate increases for 2022 through 2024. If approved, consumers in Region 3–which includes San Dimas– would see an increase of approximately 23.5% to their monthly water bill over the next three years. In this episode, I explain Golden State’s rationale for the rate increases, if the increases seem fair, and what you can do to make your voice heard.

Information about water rates:
Submit Public Comments for Golden State Rate Case No. 20-07-012 before May 25, 2021
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Golden State Water Company: 2016 General Rate Case, Public Advocates Office
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Judge favors Golden State Water Company in fight for water system, Claremont Courier 11/11/2016
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California Alternate Rates for Water Program, Golden State Water Company
San Dimas Customer Service Area Rebates and Programs, Golden State Water Company

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