Stay Well San Dimas

Here’s hoping for a better 2021…

In this first episode of the new year, Angelica Hernandez of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence joins me to talk about the work her non-profit organization does to promote healthy living and prevent alcohol and drug use in communities. We talk about Stay Well San Dimas, a health-oriented coalition for local residents, and we dive into one of their current campaigns to reduce second-hand smoke and tobacco use in San Dimas and neighboring cities.

Links + resources for this episode:
Stay Well San Dimas Facebook page + Instagram page
Angelica Hernandez’s contact information: [email protected]
Stay Well San Dimas Community Coalition meeting: January 26 | 3pm
State of Tobacco Control 2020, California Local Grades, American Lung Association
San Dimas City Council Meeting: January 12, 2021 | 7pm | Watch here | Join via Zoom
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