How to Speak at a CIty Council Meeting

Since launching the No Big Hotel effort and this podcast, I have encouraged friends, neighbors, and listeners to speak at City Council meetings to have their voice heard. But public speaking does not come easily for everyone–sometimes people tell me they feel shy or intimidated or simply unsure of what to say. In this episode, I give you some tips from my own experience of speaking at City Council meetings that will hopefully give you the knowledge and confidence you need to stand up for what matters to you.

Due to coronavirus, there will be no physical location for the public to observe the Council meeting. Instructions for calling in to City Council meetings:
1) Watch the City Council meeting live online at ​ or on KWST Channel 3.
2) Call (909) 394-6206 during the Oral Communications portion, before the closure of public comment on the agenda item. Calls during the first Oral Communications have a ​3-minute time limit​. Calls during the second Oral Communications have a ​5-minute time limit​.
3) If you are unable to get through to call in your comments, you may email comments (250 words or less) during Oral Communications to: ​[email protected]​.

***Since recording and releasing this episode, the San Dimas City Council has decided to limit public comments during Council meetings to 3 minutes at the very beginning of the meeting. There will be no other opportunities for the public to speak during the meeting about various agenda items or at the end of the meeting. If you plan to speak, please make sure you are prepared with comments and ready to stick to the 3-minute limit. You can also email your comments to [email protected]

Tip: Use a landline​ if possible; if using a cell phone, ​call from a location with reliable reception.