Should San Dimas Break Up with the Public Health Department?

San Dimas has been exploring what it would take for the city to break off from the LA County Public Health Department to start our own or partner with other cities to establish a new health department. Despite the great expense associated with breaking away from the county, San Dimas is watching closely as the city of West Covina considers creating a regional health department from the ground up.

In this episode, Shawn Granger sheds light on why West Covina is embarking on this monumental undertaking as well as what the potential benefits and costs would be. As a San Dimas resident, public administration doctoral student at the University of La Verne, and IT Manager for West Covina, Shawn’s personal, professional, and academic interests intersect around this important topic.

Links + resources for this episode:
San Dimas City Council agenda for January 12, 2021, “Information on Establishing a Public Health Department,” pages 145-201
How much would a new L.A. city health department cost? $330 million, says budget analyst, Los Angeles Daily News 6/17/2013
More cities show interest in breaking away from L.A. County public health, San Gabriel Valley Tribune 2/5/2021
San Dimas City Council Meeting: February 23, 2021 | 7pm | Watch here
GoFundMe for Pinnacle Peak

UPDATE: Since this episode was recorded, the city of West Covina voted 4-1 on February 23, 2021, to leave the county public health department: West Covina votes to terminate services with LA County Public Health, San Gabriel Valley Tribune 2/24/2021