What is the Specific Plan No. 23 Moratorium?

If you live in downtown San Dimas, you may have received information about a community meeting on January 15 regarding the Specific Plan No. 23 Moratorium. But--what exactly is the Specific Plan No. 23 Moratorium, and why should you care?

In the fall of 2019, the San Dimas City Council approved an emergency moratorium, or pause, on any new or existing developments for three commercial properties, which have the potential to significantly impact (either positively or negatively) the nearby neighborhoods and downtown. In this week’s episode, I attempt to simplify this extremely important issue for downtown San Dimas residents, property owners, prospective buyers, and anyone else who cares about our historic downtown.

Links + resources mentioned in this episode:
City of San Dimas’s Specific Plan No. 23 Moratorium
San Dimas Community Survey regarding the Moratorium
Video of September 24, 2019 City Council Meeting (Moratorium discussion starts around 18:07)
Video of October 22, 2019 City Council Meeting (Moratorium discussion starts around 1:06:05)
Senior Planner Marco Espinoza’s contact information: (909) 394-6259 | [email protected]
Why San Dimas put a 45-day moratorium on building near downtown, Daily Bulletin 10/1/2019
San Dimas extends downtown building moratorium for a year, Daily Bulletin 11/3/2019
Flyer for Walnut Creek Trail Hike
Flyer for San Dimas Homeless Count