Secrets of the Masons

Dating back to Europe in the Middle Ages, freemasonry has a long history, seemingly shrouded in secrecy. And while you might find references to the masons in pop culture, they are very much a real organization, with a historical building right here in Old Town San Dimas.

Past Master of the San Dimas Masonic Lodge and longtime San Dimas resident Raymond Foster joins me in this episode to explore the origins of the freemasons and their history in the city. If you’re interested in learning about how the organization originated and if they really do have a secret handshake, take a listen to this episode!

Links + resources for this episode:
San Dimas Masonic Lodge
Vote Center: Stanley Plummer Building
September 11 Remembrance Event: September 11 | 1-7pm | Freedom Park (San Dimas Ave. + Commercial St.)
San Dimas Wine and Beer Walk: October 2 | 5-8:30pm | Old Town San Dimas
246th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps: November 10 | 6pm | San Dimas Masonic Lodge