Why I Am Still Hopeful

At the San Dimas City Council meeting on June 23, 2020, members of the community showed up in large numbers to support a resolution by Councilmember Ebiner condemning the death of George Floyd, racism, and injustice. Despite this overwhelming support, Councilmember Ebiner’s resolution failed, and a resolution that the public had no opportunity to comment on was adopted. What’s more: Councilmember Vienna, visibly disappointed in the entire process, publicly disparaged Councilmember Ebiner, me, our family, and other engaged members of the community. In this episode, I reflect on what happened at this most recent City Council meeting, how it affected me, and why I am still hopeful that change for the better is possible.

Nos quisieron enterrar, pero no sabían que éramos semillas.

Links + resources for this episode
Video of June 23, 2020 City Council Meeting (Resolution discussion begins around 01:07:00, Councilmember Vienna’s comments begin around 01:42:30)
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