San Dimas March 2020 Election: A Guide

A few people have reached out to me for information regarding the upcoming March 3, 2020, election in San Dimas. Here is a collection of resources I have found to share with you!

General election information
City of San Dimas general election information
City of San Dimas list of qualified candidates
Voting dates + hours: February 22 through March 3, 2020

Candidates’ websites + Facebook pages (in alphabetical order)
Running for City Council
John Ebiner: Facebook page | Campaign website | Podcast interview
David Estrada: Facebook page | Podcast interview
Nichole Gonzales: Facebook page | Campaign website | Podcast interview
Emma Ramirez: Facebook page | Campaign website | Podcast interview
Eric Weber: Facebook page | Campaign website | Podcast interview

Running for Mayor
Emmett Badar: Facebook page | Declined podcast interview
Bobby Mathis: Campaign website | Unable to schedule podcast interview

Additional information for the candidates
Meet the Candidates Forum, recorded on February 5, 2020
Voter’s Edge: City Council Candidates for San Dimas

Measure SD: a ballot measure to increase the city sales tax
City of San Dimas general information regarding Measure SD
Argument in favor of Measure SD
Impartial Analysis of Measure SD
Isabel in San Dimas podcast episode about the proposed sales tax